Freedom to Succeed

In a fast-evolving and competitive marketplace, the need for agility has never been more profound. Organisations no more have the luxury to wait, see and then react to change. They must now drive this change.

Outcess Business Process Outsourcing works with organisations to help them become more agile and efficient. By allowing you to prioritize on your core business and focus on outsourcing the right business processes, we harness advances in infrastructure, process automation and analytics to deliver cost efficiency, effectiveness and focus allowing your people and processes to work smarter together. We become an arm of your business delivering efficiency and seamlessly integrating into your overall network.

Achieve more, with less

Business process outsourcing relieves you of the burden of trying to manage non-core business processes, while grappling with the day-to- day challenges of running your core business. Done efficiently, BPO will result in lower operating cost, higher productivity, enhanced customer experience, better business outcomes and growth. Outcess Business Process Outsourcing creates a better landscape for rapid change by:

  • Ensuring new levels of efficiency, operational excellence and productivity to drive business performance and growth.
  • Delivering new ways to drive bigger cost reductions that free the capital to fund innovation.
  • Bringing more predictability to business outcomes and therefore, greater resilience.

Something for everyone

Outcess’ BPO Services

Outcess’ BPO Services cater to businesses of all sizes and can be provided onsite or offsite. Our interventions may be as simple as data cleansing, telemarketing, telesales, running surveys, or as large-scale as setting up and running your contact centre and managed services for IT, sales and customer service. We can deploy resources to your location or house them within our own facilities.

Our Outcess BPO portfolio includes Contact Centre Outsourcing, Managed Services and Contact Centre-as- a-Service.

Contact Centre Outsourcing

Handling millions of customer care interactions annually for organisations of all sizes in various industries, we know the importance of continual innovation and best practices in putting your customers first.

We have extensive experience delivering high-quality, high-touch services for a wide range of globally and nationally known and respected brands. Our focus on product knowledge and quality service adds significant value to your brand. It helps increase revenues and profits, and boosts the lifetime value (LTV) of customers. Outcess is able to handle both your inbound and outbound calls, and telemarketing campaigns from our 350 seat capacity contact center located in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Managed Services

keep your IT operations running smoothly

Maintenance, enhancements and upgrade services

Our managed services model keeps your IT, Customer Service and Sales Processes running smoothly and without interruption. Outcess provides you with end-to- end staffing solution as we recruit and train customer care representatives on basic etiquette and customer service skills.

These resources are always available in our buffer list for projects. Once we take on a project, all you need do is come in and train them on your products knowledge and FAQs and they are ready to work for you.

Contact Centre as-a- Service (CCaaS)

Cloud Solutions

Customer management solutions

CCaaS is our comprehensive suite of best-in- class customer management solutions delivered via the cloud or on premise. Our solutions allow you to achieve outstanding customer management with little upfront investment and no idle capacity. Whether your goal is to establish a new operation from scratch, establish redundancy and manage overflow or upgrade existing capabilities in line with today’s complex multi-channel landscape; whether you’re looking for a fully hosted cloud service or to up-scale with new applications to your existing technology infrastructure, Outcess is able to customize the solution to suit your needs.

Run Smart Contact Centre-as- a-Service transforms the economics of customer management and provides technology on your terms. No more license purchases, just a flexible monthly per seat subscription for the functionality you use, thus unlocking your potential to deliver an exceptional customer experience and keep pace with evolving customer expectations. It’s a smart way to run your business.

To find out more, and learn how Outcess can help you do more, faster.