Engage and Excel

Brands today are connecting with more customers in more personalized ways through a growing number of established and emerging digital channels. As this shift to digital continues, organisations are faced with the decision-making challenge of determining the optimal channel mix and deploying the best technology for their enterprise. Outcess Customer Engagement Services offer an integrated set of digital solutions to help organisations create engaging customer experiences and achieve superior customer retention and growth results.

As a leading provider of end-to- end customer engagement services in Nigeria and West Africa, we have exceptional expertise in the delivery of contact center and social engagement, and customer relationship management solutions. Our strategic partnerships with global leaders such as Microsoft, Aspect and Ameyo, provides us with a robust portfolio of world-class offerings, from which to choose the solution that is right for you.

Thrice as good

With every engagement, our over-arching objective is to drive efficiency and performance at three levels of the customer engagement value chain.

Our customer engagement solutions help you more accurately segment and target potential customers with the right products and messages, thereby improving lead generation, conversion and on-boarding efforts.
Through responsive engagement, exceptional service and speedy issue resolution, we ensure that we convert casual buyers into loyal customers. Our solution is also able to carefully analyse churn dynamics which gives us the insights to take proactive actions in order to mitigate customer attrition risks.
Through the insights generated from engaging customers, we are able to uncover new opportunities to maximize customer value by inducing frequency of use, cross-selling and up-selling, thereby growing your share of their wallet.

We are Winners of the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for the Nigeria Contact Centre Business Development Leadership.


Contact Centre Solutions

Customer contact centres remain a crucial interface in customer engagement that give organizations multiple avenues to build and effectively manage customer relationships. Our commitment to transformation and performance means we prioritise business outcomes as well as operational metrics. We focus on what matters most to you: cost reduction, revenue gain, building advocacy and the exceptional customer experience that sits at the very heart of our proposition.

Our contact centre solutions begin with a through assessment of the business needs, priorities, preferences and constraints of the Client. This is followed by careful analyses and strategic recommendations on the model, scale, technology and costs structure that best addresses the Client’s situation. Outcess is able to offer dedicated, outsourced and cloud based contact centre solutions to clients of all sizes, with the inbuilt flexibility to scale up or down in response to changing business requirements.

Contact Centre Solutions

We go far beyond traditional contact centre services to offer a holistic suite of services to ensure that your contact centre delivers tangible results for the organisation. Some of our Contact Centre capabilities include:

  • Bundled Contact center Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Central communications queuing across all agents, domestically and globally.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Workforce Optimization for Contact Center and back office
  • Robust Quality Monitoring (voice and screen recording).
  • Pay-as- you-go flexibility (Turn CAPEX to OPEX).
  • Seamless customer interface across multiple communications channels..
  • Computer telephony integration(CTI).
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Automated call distribution and outbound dialling.
  • Deep business analytics from integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools.

Workforce Optimization

Outcess offers Workforce Optimisation solutions designed to help organisations of all sizes reduce operating costs, improve performance, identify revenue opportunities, competitive advantages, and transform the customer experience. Our portfolio of integrated Workforce Optimisation solutions can work in different functional areas or across your entire organisation.

Powered by Aspect® Workforce Optimisation, we offer a cloud-ready suite of best-in- class products to efficiently guide your workforce planning, scheduling, management, recording, surveying, coaching, eLearning and analytics. With an intuitive graphical user interface, Aspect® Workforce Optimization features tightly integrated solutions, enabling organizations to improve employee productivity, identify performance gaps, deliver targeted coaching, and effectively forecast workloads and schedule staff.


The Aspect Workforce Optimization platform easily lets you:

Workforce Planning and Forecasting

  • Accurately forecast staffing needs based on current demand, potential demand and staff characteristics.
  • Design complex schedules that ensure omni-channel service across all resource teams, departments and geographies.
  • Provide managers in-depth, real-time views and control over workforce planning schedules to avoid overstaffing or understaffing.
  • Blend back office and front office labor for higher utilization and service levels.
  • Test trial schedules before making the best schedule official.

Customer Experience Analytics

  • Obtain a detailed view of customer expectations and agent performance with speech, text or desktop analytics.
  • Extract deep, meaningful business intelligence directly from all recorded voice, text and desktop interactions for actionable insights.
  • Capture 100% of customer/agent speech and text interactions giving each agent a complete customer communication history for faster and more effective customer service.
  • Capture agent behaviour and procedural compliance – including application usage, idle time and more.
  • Use real-time speech analytics to monitor customer conversations and provide desktop guidance and supervisor alerts.
  • Use agent interaction data to create immediate and relevant coaching opportunities.
  • Put customer and agent metrics into context by synthesizing with CRM data, agent performance and agent workforce planning and analytics.
  • Create a holistic view of what’s driving your customer experience results, so that you can make smarter operational and strategic decisions.

Continuous Performance Improvement

  • Create cohesive, comprehensive views of employee performance based on real-time data from ACD, workforce management, quality management and other systems.
  • See performance trends across dimensions, over time, or as they occur, with reports tailored to each type of user from employee to the executive.
  • Allow supervisors to understand the root cause of performance issues across employees, teams, departments and time.
  • Use pre-defined KPIs or easily create your own without IT intervention.
  • Automate and track coaching based on KPI thresholds or achievement.

Advanced Quality Analysis

Don’t wait to see a post on Twitter about how your customer requests are – or aren’t – being met. With Aspect’s Workforce Optimization platform, you can take a deep view into the activities at your call centre:

  • Capture 100% of interactions with full-time, encrypted voice and screen recording.
  • Extract valuable insights after the call and provide immediate coaching for agents by turning the recording into a training module.
  • Get a comprehensive view of agent quality from the perspectives of customer, supervisor and agent.
  • Evaluate and calibrate agent quality with easy-to- use scoring calibration system.
  • Create and administer web-based post-interaction surveys that capture customer attitude and satisfaction as an integrated part of the history.
  • Use powerful analytics capabilities to automatically categorize calls based on content, metadata, agent performance and customer attitudes or behaviours.

Marketing Automation

In a multi-channel marketing world, our marketing automation solutions help drive consistency across touch points. We ensure that the right messages are delivered to the right customers through the right channels.
Marketing automation helps organisations streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. It supports important tasks such as: lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing, customer lifecycle marketing, cross- sell and up-sell, customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement. Outcess’ marketing automation solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Social Engagement and Aspect CXP Pro and feature three key capabilities as follows:

A central marketing database A place for all your marketing data, including detailed prospect and customer interactions and behaviors, so you can segment and target the right message to each customer. Think of this as “system of record” for all your marketing information.
An engagement marketing platform An environment for the creation, management and automation of marketing processes and conversations across online and offline channels. Think of this as the “orchestra conductor” for your customer interactions..
A tool that comprehensively collates, analyses, measures, and optimizes marketing ROI and impact on revenue. It generates the insights required to refine and improve the impact of marketing activities.

Transform every touchpoint into a marketing opportunity

With marketing automation, organisations can engage customers across channels. You can plan, execute, and measure multichannel marketing campaigns from start to finish. You can manage, nurture, and score leads to generate more revenue, while streamlining marketing planning and execution and gaining a true view of marketing ROI. Our marketing automation capabilities include:

  • Lead Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Management and Analysis
  • Marketing Resource Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building a solid CRM foundation is critical to customer engagement success. Outcess not only helps you identify the best CRM technologies for your business, we also help you employ effective change management strategies to align your people and processes with customer relationship goals.

Our CRM practice possesses significant experience implementing CRM solutions in a variety of industries. We have been involved in Customer Relationship Management implementations for over 9 years and are experts in deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 from development, implementation and maintenance to testing, upgrades and managed services.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement is a tool that puts the power of social interaction in the hands of organizations and delivers customer insight. Social media is versatile and can reach multiple consumer segments directly on a variety of devices. It is powerful at driving interactivity, deepening engagement, creating effective buzz and influencing behaviour.

Powered by the multifunctional Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Social Engagement applications, we deliver a Social engagement solution that provides unfiltered consumer insights and allows you to engage and influence your customers and consumers on different platforms.

Be Social

The versatility of our Social Engagement offering lies in the fact that it is both a tool for external consumer engagement as well as a platform for internal communication- fostering employee interaction and collaboration. Outcess’ Social Engagement solution enables the following:

  • Customer Centric Strategy solutions that help you understand customer needs and define a vision for multichannel strategy design and governance.
  • Social Business solutions that embrace and cultivate a spirit of collaboration and community throughout an enterprise. Including the use of social media for customer collaboration and workforce optimization and effectiveness.
  • Business Analytics Optimization that offer analytics solutions to help capture customer insights, forecast market trends, develop a strategy for segmentation, customer engagement, sales initiatives and channel optimisation.

To find out more, and learn how Outcess can help you do more, faster